Buying The Correct Size Wig

Approximately 90% of wig wearers have average size heads and therefore the average size will fit perfectly well. The size of an average wig is 22.5". Wigs have adjusters at the back which allow them to be made slightly bigger or smaller. These adjusters are almost like tiny little bra straps. Either is good for securing the wig more firmly onto the head or allowing it to expand a little larger.

As fewer people need a small or a large wig, there is not such a big range to choose from. Manufacturers do not seem to cater to the petite or large head in the same way. However, there are lots of lovely petite wigs to choose from some shops will actually alter an average-sized wig to fit. You can also purchase European male hair extension online.

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European wigs are the most realistic but they are more expensive. If you do not need the wig for every day wear you may decide on wetted wigs which are a little cheaper. So how do you know what size wig you will need?

The size of a hat really has no significance at all and neither does the size of the person! To be sure about the size you need, measure your head using a soft tape measure. To do this, measure where the hairline is or should be, above the ears and to the front of the forehead.

The average size will be around 22.5 inches. A petite head would measure around 21 to 21.5 inches. A large head around 23" and above.