EDI Enabling Agility in The Supply Chain

Ever wondered why historical commercial cities around the world are located along the shores of the sea or large rivers? That's because trade and commerce need easy access and connectivity with other businesses to develop.

Using the same principle, today Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facilitates data transmission and structured documentation with global service providers, agents, suppliers, customers, shippers, and producers quickly and without interruption.

In short, an effective EDI-enabled Logistics Software solution creates a channel for companies that connects them with business partners, suppliers and regulators. You can also find the best edi providers through edisphere.com 

Business today is operated in a highly interdependent environment. All players must work like gears on a well-oiled machine to build a sustainable supply chain. As a business enabler, EDI ensures that your company is an integral part of machinery that plays its role smoothly and without hiccups through seamless integration with other Logistics Management Software used for logistics/warehouse/ transportation management.

For example, the EDI module from Logi-Sys ensures connectivity with other business partners in the supply chain such as Ocean Carriers (through INTTRA), Customs, Ports, Customers (via a customized interface) etc. Ensuring smooth information flow.

EDI is an invaluable tool that guarantees Savings, Accuracy, and Speed. EDI can help reduce costs by reducing labor requirements required for data entry and material costs such as paper documents, meetings, faxes, etc. Another advantage of EDI is that it reduces errors, such as shipping and billing errors, because EDI eliminates the need to retrieve documents.

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