Is Procurement and Contract Management Similar?


Procurement and contract management are 2 different processes handled by 2 different professionals. However, when work is concerned, both go hand-in-hand where people come together and work closely with one another. Therefore, these are some of the similarities between procurement and contract management.

  • Contract – The work of contract management is done by contract managers with the help of a contract. The manager has to adhere to the contract and ensure the parties involved in doing business also adhere. On the other hand, procurers need to get in touch with vendors and suppliers to get raw materials and goods. They too will enter a contract with the vendors and suppliers. Therefore, procurers act as contract managers.
  • Report –There are many reports made by the contract manager. Since there is a lot of work involved, reports need to be made by the contract manager for every single work. The reports are made for the people and public to view and see detailed information.
  • Courses –In order to become a procurement professional or contract manager, there are tons of courses available today. Courses offered by institutions offer certificates after completion which acts as a boost in the career of the individual. If you find it hard to attend the course physically, then fear not as there are many online courses along with workshops for the individual to enroll themselves. However, it is important to make sure that the course the individual attends needs to offer valid certificates. This certificate is surely going to be beneficial to the individual in his or her career.

Therefore, why not get some amazing procurement training today? And open up new career avenues.