Israel: The Dream Destination

Israel is an ancient land that has three religious monuments and historical legacy no other country can boast.

Temples, churches, and mosques mingle under the sky of Jerusalem, and the land and rivers here have seen the Savior.

Israel is known as the land of the three religions, Biblical 'Promised Land' of many peoples and civilizations. Israel attracts millions of tourists with its history and cultural mix. If you are looking for Israel tour package then check this source: Best Tours of Israel-Luxury Travel & Tour Packages-TLV-VIP.

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This is facilitated by the natural conditions of the Dead Sea, dozens of modern seaside resort bordering the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, as well as beautiful views of the Negev desert and the Judean Hills.

At any time, a poet and prophet endowed with the nickname of Jerusalem express the deepest love and respect. Known as the Holy City, Jerusalem is literally the center of the whole world.

For many thousands of years, Jerusalem has attracted people from all over the world. Only here you can see a variety of unique monuments and samples together with modern history.

Jerusalem is the heart of the old town, which is a relatively small district, surrounded by thick walls. Here we will find four solid quarters residents located side by side: Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish. Jews visit means a pilgrimage to one of the most revered holy sites of the Jews – to the Wailing Wall.

Galilee is one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Israel. It has always been a fertile and prosperous area. Galilee is where the ruins of the synagogue in Tiberias and Capernaum, where many tourists are interested.


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