Showdown between a Fibreglass Boat and an Aluminium Boat


The fibreglass and aluminium boats are 2 of the most popular boats at the moment. Both have their own set of strengths and weaknesses that makes it a little confusing while choosing between them. However, there are factors that make differentiating between the 2 a lot easier. These are some of the differences between the 2 boats helping you to buy the right one.

  1. Comfort Level – While both boats are capable of offering comfort level at its best, the fiberglass boat is the one that wins over the aluminium boat because of its smoother ride. Additionally, when it comes to customization consisting of sleeker designs, fiberglass boat is easier to do just that.
  2. Hardness –For this category, aluminium boat is the clear winner. One of the key reason behind this is that aluminium will usually have dents and small scratches during an impact. This leads to lesser maintenance over the fiberglass boat. The fiberglass boat will usually lead to heavy maintenance depending on the repair.
  3. Price – Both the aluminium and fiberglass boats are the winners. Although, fibreglass boats are cheaper than aluminium boats, aluminium come in various sizes. The prices are different depending on the sizes.
  4. Repair –Although both boats can be easily repaired, aluminium boat is superior over the fibreglass boat when it comes to repairing. One; during an impact, aluminium boats will mostly have dents which requires less time and money to repair. While the fibreglass boats are capable of getting repaired, however, the damage is large and you will end up spending more time and money in repairing.

Since aluminium boat is the clear winner, you can check from different aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia for more information.

Essentials to Bring for a Boating Trip


Perfect weather can be beneficial for a lot of good reasons. Boating is one of them. If you and your family or friends decide to hit the waters, then you need to carry certain essential items with you. These items will not only be beneficial but also make sure your boat trip ends in the best manner. These are some of the essentials.

  • Registration – Before you start your boating trip, you need to make sure to carry a current registration. This ensures that you’re not breaking any of the state laws.
  • Radio – Accidents can happen at any point of time. Instead of getting stranded, make sure that your boat is equipped with some form of communication. This will help you to get help when needed.
  • Camera – Boating trip is all about having fun. Make sure to carry a quality camera to capture the best moments of your trip.
  • Bags and Clothes – Weather can change unexpectedly. At one point of time you’re dry and suddenly you are all wet. Make sure to carry extra pair of clothes that dries quickly. Also, get a dry bag to store your wet clothes.
  • Coolers – This is handy equipment that helps you to safely store your refreshments. If possible get an additional cooler to store a fish if you decide to go fishing.
  • Fire Extinguisher – Anything can happen during your boating trip. Keeping a fire extinguisher is beneficial as long as you know on how to use it properly.
  • Fishing License – Certain states have fishing laws. You need to carry a license for it in case you and your friends decide to go fishing.

Aluminium boats are known to offer better comfort and smoother ride for many boat lovers. Get additional information from some of the best aluminium boat manufacturers today.