The Bubble Never Bursts At Bubblegum

33 years young, this industry has come a long way in bringing young dreams to fruition. Catching the public eye and being the cynosure is a common youthful dream. That’s were Bubblegum casting comes in. What does bubblegum casting do? It spots fresh raw talent, grooms and polishes them to fit into the requirement of the modeling assignments at hand. How much does the youngster have to pay for this service? Nothing at all! Yes, you read right. You must now be wondering how this outfit sustains itself. Simple! The satisfied clients pay commissions for making their search easier and surpassing their expectations.

The nitty-gritty

  • Who can apply?

    Girls aged 18 to 22

  • How?

    This includes two steps.

    (i) By completing an easy to fill up application form

    (ii) by uploading their photographs

The Process

The forms and photographs are scrutinized by a team of professional and a shortlist is prepared. Young hopefuls are narrowed down and contacted to discuss the terms of service as well as other details within 24 hours.

The Grind

A rigorous regimen of grooming, body language, etiquette, poise, confidence, etc.; follow. When the uncut diamonds begin to dazzle, clients are contacted. According to the relevance of the assignment in hand a finished product from the stable at Bubblegum, casting is given the job.

The Moolah

The lowest remuneration that a model can earn in a day’s work would be at least $1,500 is paid on the same day of an assignment. Some call it magic, others smell a rat. Contacting a few of the agency’s workforce and the chalk will be separated from the cheese.

Vision of Founder

Jacki Jenkinson had a simple agenda behind forming this catalyst of a company. She simply wanted to showcase the untapped, raw talent that deserved a place under the sun. Sick of middlemen, who took the crème and paid a pittance to showstoppers and headliners, she resolved to make a difference. That is why the services provided to the youth, with substance in this field comes free of cost and this has been the company’s unique selling proposition; since its inception. This road less traveled, albeit full of hardships and tribulations, has its rewards. The smile of a new entrant after a first photo shoot certifies the success of the organization. You can visit this site to get more information about it.

The safety and comfort-level of the models are of paramount importance to the agency. After completion of the grooming procedure, the aspirants are paired up with similarly aged professional photographers. This induces great compatibility and guarantees superb results. Parents and peers of the would-be models often discourage them against taking up this way of life. The main reason is being exploited and no guarantee of payments. Bubblegum casting has innumerable clients, but all of them can be completely trusted in terms of payment.

What does Bubblegum casting do to stand out?

The fact that there are no charges for the grooming and consultancy services is unique in itself. But there’s more to the picture than what naked eyes can see. The official website houses a whole database of videos of photo shoots of different models, who have now made a name for themselves. Such amazing and real things seldom happen so conveniently. The happy and cheerful faces of the models can be seen in the videos, which are the evidence of fine work culture, ethical means of getting the contracts and work-satisfaction. Moreover, everything that is done here is absolutely transparent and crystal clear. All the models who are available and who would like to work for a certain agency, their former’s portfolio is handed over to the latter.

And thus, the ball starts rolling in the arena.