The Importance of Soakwells on Western Australian Properties

Dealing with rainwater from downpipes on residential property is often thrown away as an insignificant problem by many homeowners, especially those who have older style properties. Ignoring this critical problem can have significant consequences.

First things first: As a property, you are legally obliged to ensure that rainwater on your property is effectively controlled on your property. If you're looking for soakwell installation service, you can browse various online sources.

You cannot direct rainwater to your neighbor's property or to the road. Basically, this means that it is very important that each pipe roof channel water to a freshwater tank or well drains on your property.

Simple? Not yet, most boards have very specific requirements for Soakwell. It is important to understand that, because the requirements differ from board to board, you must ensure that your soakwell is not only in accordance with Australian Standards but also your specific local board requirements.

Although a general formula is a reasonable guide (the measurement of roof area x. 0125 = volume of required soakwell) you need to ensure that your soakwell complies with your specific board regulations.

Each board bases its rules on a number of factors, such as the location of your property, the height of land, type of land, etc.

Regardless of the requirements of this regulation every week, we examine a large number of residential properties throughout Western Australia where water from pipes is only directed to paths, gardens, and entrances.

Damage caused by rainwater can cause your property and your neighbors to be significant. In many cases, you will not see the damage until the cost to repair has grown significantly.